Friday, December 19, 2008

You know your pregnant when . . .

* Your stomach feels like a punching bag

* You can no longer "hover" in a public restroom

* 90% of your sneezes end with, "Oh no," "Not again," or "Dang it"

* The other 10% of your sneezes end in, "Thank goodness"

* Random people rub your belly

* It's a luxury to only wake up three times a night to go potty

* It's uncomfortable to sit, stand, or lay down for more than 10 minutes at a time

* Your wedding ring only fits at certain times of the day

Just a few of the fun annoyances that make this journey so incredibly memorable!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Things are changing

It seems like so long ago that I peed on this stick:) But the excitement only grows. We went to birthing class last weekend. They taught me how to deal with the mass amount of pain that I will endure, but I'm pretty sure there is no technique in this world that will keep me from thinking that "I will never do this again." And then when it's over, and I see what came of a long 9 months and agonizing pain, I will want to do it all over again . . . in due time:) They also taught Derek how to be supportive and what he can do to help me get through it all. I know he'll be wonderful and I already feel sorry for the guy. He has a tough road ahead dealing with a cranky Linds:) But I'm sure he'll want to do it all over again . . . in due time:) There were eleven couples in the class. Some just a bit farther along then me and others ready to pop at any time. We could not believe that we were the only couple of eleven that did not know what we were having. I guess the element of surprise is not for everyone. Sometimes I wonder if it's for me anymore? There are so many cute things out there that are gender specific that it makes me want to find out. But I know I can do it and I will know . . . in due time:) Things are definately changing, physically speaking! My sister loves to touch my stomach. "It's so hard" she'll tell me. Like it's an amazing feat that there is a purpose to my chubbiness:) Even random people are doing the belly rub. I'll admit, it is a bit odd, especially if I'm caught off guard and not remembering that I'm pregnant! Whatever floats their boat I guess. It is fun to see people enjoying my pregnancy along with me. Derek is getting a bit annoyed that he can't feel it yet and it just baffles me that he can't because I feel like one of these days a foot is going to protrude right through my belly. But he will feel it, yes you guessed it . . .in due time!