Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tuesday's Tidbit (a few days late:) Up&Up Wipes by Target

Now that I'm an experienced mother of 3 months, I've decided to start sharing little tidbits that I have found helpful along my journey as a new mom. Today's tidbit is . . . I absolutely LOVE Up&Up baby wipes by Target!

I first received Target wipes as a baby shower gift, which I registered for. I also received brand named wipes, such as Pampers, at the same time. Upon bringing Baylie home from the hospital, I had already fallen in love with Pampers Swaddlers diapers, so I gave my Target brand wipes the stink eye and dove right into the name brand wipes. I mean, for upwards of .05 cents per wipe, they must be plated in gold, of course a soft soothing gold, that would keep my baby's bottom . . . well, as soft as a baby's bottom.

I was the first to think it. Derek was the first to say it, "These wipes stink." At first I thought perhaps I was crazy. But the fact that my husband, who had never changed a diaper until Baylie came into the world, proclaimed my thoughts aloud, reinforced that I was right. They were thick, they were scratchy, and they were dripping wet. No thank you!

I thought there was no hope left in the diaper wipe world. I mean, if a .05 cent wipe, not plated with gold mind you, did not fit our standards, what could I possbily find in that boring looking, generic brand container? I will tell you . . . I struck GOLD! These wipes are soft, just the right amount of wetness, and they have these nice little bumpies on them that make it easy to clean a dirty bum, without irritating your baby's skin.
Not to mention they are only .01 cents per wipe!!! I bought a box of 8 refill packages, thats 704 wipes, for $11 and some change!
Sorry Pampers, but my blog isn't very popular so you don't need to worry. I am sure you will have continued success selling your Cubic Zirconia of wipes, but not to me. I prefer Diamonds!
Do you have a tidbit, for me, a first time mom? I'd love to hear! I am proud to link to Things I love Thursday at The Diaper Diaries.


thediaperdiaries said...

While at times I can be a diaper snob I often like the cheaper wipes better, but I haven't tried Target brand. Definitely will be keeping this in mind with baby #3.

Christy said...

That is one thing I do not miss about the baby years...but the baby itself...I miss that!

The Dunns said...

I love this post! I might have to check out Targets wipes now... I'm a fan of the Kirkland brand... but hmm... now you've got me thinkin!

Teresa said...

I totally agree about the pampers wipes....they really are expensive and not good. :) I think the only ones that are worse would be from the dollar store. :) I love the WalMart generic brand too!! I have not tried the up and ups from Target and will give them a look next time I am there. :)

Jenae said...

I totally agree- HATE Pampers wipes and lately have been buying the Target brand as well!! Good call!! :)